The Top 7 Reasons You Need A Monthly Facial

logoMany people are not fully aware of the benefits that they can receive from a professional facial. While many people use a mask or scrub at home, it often takes an encounter with a skin concern (like breakouts, dry skin, or dark spots) or an upcoming event to draw them to a professional med spa in the Phoenix area. While this is perfectly normal, many of these unexpected skin problems can be prevented with the use of monthly facials and the correct at-home treatments.

Unless there’s a specific skin condition you’re plagued with that you wish to overcome, once a month is the ideal timing for a professional facial. The outermost layer of visible skin (the stratum corneum) renews itself completely approximately every 28 days, making monthly facials ideal. In this 28 day frame, skin cells are being continuously replicated, replacing the old cells. A monthly facial can give your skin a great head start on this cycle, by allowing the skin cells to replicate healthier cells and give you a better complexion. A monthly facial can also help with the use of at home products. Most of these skin products can take 6-8 weeks to treat active skin cells; but by helping skin to replicate healthier cells, you’re also helping these products to work faster and more effectively. Here are 6 of the best reasons you should consider getting a facial this month.

1. Relaxation
Simply put, facials give you the time to relax. Not only do they feel great on the face, they’re great for revitalizing emotions and mental state. Combining the power of touch, massage, proper techniques, and professional products can create a soothing and healing experience for the body and soul. While the main benefit may be beautiful skin, you’re going to get a relaxation benefit from your facial as well.

2. Increased Blood Circulation, Decreased Aging
Facials help to facilitate great circulation, which helps the skin renew cells and maintain optimal health faster and more effectively. This increase in blood flow also aids in the anti-aging process. Facials produce healthier, smoother, and more radiant skin by reducing lines, age spots, and dehydrated skin. While you’re still going to age, the exfoliation, massage, and penetration of nutrients and antioxidants from facials can help you do it much more slowly, and with glowing skin. Facials can even prevent premature aging by speeding up the production of collagen.

3. A Deeper Cleanse
Getting a professional facial is a lot like getting a professional dental cleaning or hair cut. While you could do it yourself, you’ll receive faster, more effective results from a professional. Even skin without any major problems can use a good deep cleaning now and again. A facial is designed to clean out pores, stop the formation of acne, and improve the size of pores. If left to accumulate oil and debris, pores can begin to stretch and widen. A proper pore extraction is often part of a great facial.

4. Decrease Deep Waste
Facials can help you decrease the waste beneath your skin. This waste can lead to puffiness, ruddiness, and fluid accumulation by manipulation of the lymphatic system just beneath the skin. Because of this benefit, many people work a regular monthly facial into their budget as a way to detoxify the skin.

5. A Professional Touch
Scheduling a professional facial allows you to speak to a trained esthetician who can counsel you on the proper home products that you should be using for your particular skin. With the number of available products for skin care and rejuvenation on the market today, it can be worth it just to receive this benefit.

6. Can Improve Skin Tone
A deep facial can help to even skin tone and lighten dark spots. These dark spots in particular can age the appearance of the skin rather visibly. Improving skin tone is just one more way that facials help reduce the aging process and give you the youthful, glowing skin that you want.

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