What are the Benefits of HD Lipo?

HD Liposuction Benefits for You

The HD Lipo service we offer in Phoenix and Scottsdale, which is a shortened version of liposuction, refers to a technique used in removing excess fat from the body. Many people confuse it with a treatment for obesity or weight loss. A good candidate for this procedure must be within 30 percent of his or her ideal body weight. Liposuction targets the fat pockets that have proven stubborn to remove, despite your best efforts at doing just that through exercise and proper diet. A perfect candidate for HD Lipo should be:

  • Active
  • Physically fit
  • A non-smoker

So, what are the benefits of HD lipo?

Lipo Helps To Treat Certain Conditions

Despite being purely cosmetic, HD lipo has proven effective at treating some conditions. For example, plastic surgeons as well as dermatologists use it in treating patients diagnosed with lipomas, which are benign fatty tumors. The procedure is also excellent at treating gynecomastia, which refers to a condition where men develop fatty breast tissues. Similarly, it’s capable of treating lipodystrophy syndrome effectively.

Improves Appearance

The biggest benefit of going through this form of cosmetic treatment is the huge improvement it has on your appearance. While the benefits are almost purely cosmetic, HD Lipo can help you to achieve the body that you want, in turn giving you a boost in self confidence. While HD Lipo provides a slimmer waist and better overall appearance, it is not a shortcut to weight loss. While HD Lipo removes stubborn fat deposits in the body, candidates need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle after HD Lipo treatments in order to keep their slimmer figure.

Removes Stubborn Fat

HD lipo is the perfect solution for conditions that have refused to disappear despite making lifestyle changes.  Some types of fats are capable of resisting regimes of diet and exercise. This causes you to gain extra weight in some parts of your body. When this happens, the fat cells grow bigger in terms of size and volume. The role of liposuction is to ensure that there is a significant drop in the number of fat cells in secluded parts of your body.

Liposuction is a great idea for candidates who already engage in a moderately healthy lifestyle, but are having trouble losing stubborn fat, particularly in the midsection. However, HD Lipo is not recommended for those who wish to use it to lose large amounts of weight from obesity. It is important that candidates continue a healthy and active lifestyle following HD Lipo treatments in order to prevent the weight from returning. Similarly, it’s not beneficial in the lives of people who would like to use it to eliminate:

  1. Stretch marks
  2. Cellulite
  3. Dimpling
  4. Other irregularities on the skin surface

logoDespite these many benefits, you should not forget that HD lipo comes with some risks too. Some of these risks include bad bruising, inflammation, contour irregularities, and numbness. Other, less common, risks include infections, problems with the kidney or heart and pulmonary embolism. Ask your doctor about risks such as pulmonary edema, skin burns, and allergic reactions if you are considering any type of liposuction treatment.

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